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Writer's Block: Local Favorite

What's your favorite thing to show out-of-town guests when they come to visit?
Ok i've told people who have gone to the local lodge here (i've helped my aunty make beds and stuff in there) to go and visit the Broken Earth Cafe because you can see the whole town and to visit the Silver City Mint.
I'm in Broken Hill, NSW, Australia by the way

Writer's Block: Wardrobe Malfunction

Broken zippers, split seams, straps that come untied at the most embarrassing moment possible—what's your most memorable experience with an unexpected wardrobe malfunction?
ok i have to say my little brother is my wardrobe malfunction because i'll be carrying him and he likes to 1/ stick his hand down peoples shirts or 2/ pull my shirt down... isn't that great in a public place :P
Do you believe in monogamy?

I hide from it i HATE being the centre of attention and people staring at me... it gives me the creeps


Hey everyone who will bother to read this...
i just got live journal... i have heard my friends talk about it and thought... well what is it?
sorry but i don't have quirky stuff to say at the moment anyway